Drouhot, Lucas and Victor Nee. ”Assimilation & the Second Generation in Europe & America: Blending and Segregating Social Dynamics Between Immigrants and Natives” Annual Review of Sociology  [preprint]

Drouhot, Lucas. ”Reconsidering “community liberated”: How class and the national context shape personal support networks” Social Networks [preprint]

Working papers: 

Drouhot, Lucas. “Cracks in the Melting Pot? Religiosity & Assimilation Among the Diverse Muslim Population in France” * ○ Aristide Zolbert Student Scholar Award for best paper in the study of international migration by a graduate student. American Sociological Association. * ○ Sidney Tarrow Prize for best student paper on European politics. Institute for European Studies, Cornell University.  * ○ Robin M. Williams, Jr. Award for best student paper. Department of Sociology, Cornell University.

Drouhot, Lucas. “Race, Religion and Belonging Among the New Immigrant Elite in France” 

Nee, Victor and Lucas Drouhot.  “Immigration, Institutions and Opportunity in the Knowledge Economy” 

Drouhot, Lucas. “Who is Muslim in France? A Typology of Religious Cultures” 

Work in progress:

Bucca, Mauricio and Lucas Drouhot. “Intergenerational Social Mobility Among the Second Generation in Western Europe”

Drouhot, Lucas, Mario Molina and Filiz Garip. “Immigration, Cultural Diversity and Relational Integration in European Secondary Schools” 

Drouhot, Lucas and Filiz Garip. “Structural & Cultural Axes of Differentiation Among Asian-Americans”

Lucas G. Drouhot
Postdoctoral Research Fellow